We offer you a full complex of services in repair and service of the various industrial equipment, such as:

  • Refrigerating machinery for refrigerating chambers and industrial refrigerators
  • Refrigerating machinery for fast frosts tunnels and chambers
  • Spiral freezing devices IQF
  • Tiled freezing devices
  • Storage and maturing machinery for bananas
  • Refrigerating machinery of saw-timbers drying
  • Ship refrigerating machinery
  • Ice makers
  • Water coolers
  • The air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigerating machinery for shops, bars and restaurants
  • Repair and service of refrigerating technics
  • Check of devices on leakproofness
  • Drying and pumping out of refrigerating systems
  • Compressor units, piston and screw compressors, heat exchange devices, automatics, protection and regulation
  • Insulation panels and doors
  • The kitchen equipment
  • Thermal pumps


Under a company field of activity there are manufacturing, replacement and repair of pipelines from nonferrous metals also.